FX 6300 colder than my room

I was playing around with Speccy today on my recent build (fx-6300 stock cooler/clock/AS-5 thermal jism, blah blah blah), and I noticed that my CPU was at 11 °C just browsing with firefox. To me this is unprecedented, and I decided to check it out with coretemp. Same general results.

Think the cpu's DTS is busted or did AMD really nail cooling on their FX line?

Some pictures,



I was told AMD cpu's give buttfucked retarded temp readings when idle, but really accurate ones when under load. So I decided to boot up two instances of Dark Souls, go to different locations and see what happens. It was an expected jump in temperature, but still nothing extreme. Maybe Dark Souls isn't the best test.


Turn on prime95 if you want to give it a real test. If your room is warmer than 10 degrees, then I'd assume the sensor is a bit wonky. Download one of the many tools to check core temperature, like http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html for example, see if the core temperatures are accurate.

If you don't plan to OC your chip (but you really should, the FX series OC so damn well), then don't worry about temps, it is unlikely to ever overheat at stock. If you do OC, may want to be careful with the max load temperature you allow, as it may not be fully accurate.

i have the 6100 using stock heatsink and i usually top 40 C when running prime 95 for a day, so yah they do have good temps usually


AMD temp readout has been wonky for years, with Phenom II you need to add 10 degrees and first Gen FX you need to add 15. This however looks even more off than normal. The socket temp as reported by the mobo looks a bit more realistic. Have a look at HWMonitor from CPUID and set the offset to plus 10-15 to get a more realistic temp. I'm running Intel these days but have many years with AMD and core temp readout have always been too cool.

I was told it's reading above ambient. So it's 10degrees plus room temp. Tiny Tom told me so.

incorrect. it measures actuall temp. how the hell would core temp know what abient is???

and if my processor got to 85 above amient, i wouldn't have a laptop anymore