FX-6200 overheating @ stock clock and volt


Recently my CPU has been overheating insanely.

I got a  CM hyper 212 evo cooler with push pull config, arctiv silver paste and a well ventilated chassi.

My volt is at 1.3 but it still reaches temps around 45 idle and 70c at full load. Just a month ago it was only about 36c idle and 58c at full load. Ambient temperature is cold, around 18-19c.

I seriously don't know what to do, I've reseated the cooler ofc, with fresh thermal paste and just the right amount, I've even switched place on the push pull fans (Now the noctua is on the left side instead of right =| ).

Please help me guys, and go easy on me, this is my first post and English is not my first language.



That's not bad actually. These AMD chips run hot. I have a rig with FX-6100 and Hyper 212 Plus. Got MX4 thermal compound and have an SP120 push, stock CM fan pull. Idles around 45 and gets up to about 80 under load. Coming from C2D which would idle at room temperature on the stock Intel cooler, this was quite a surprise, but then I realized that's how it works and I've gotten used to it.

Yup those six cores can get crazy hot,crazy fast. Poor case air can be a major player in overall temps including your cpu and gpu. Check your case fans and fan filters ect. After building with six cores I personally recommend a cheap full tower with plenty of fan mounting options. I much prefer side panels with fan mounts verses windows. You may also consider a cheap h80 or h100or anything along that lines. What that does it helps keep temps far more consistant than i could get off aircooling my six core. My eight core doesnt even come close to the radical shifts in temps that i had with my six core. I highly recommend it.