Fx-6200 or Fx-6300?

There basicly the same price, however there are diffrences.

Fx-6200                        Fx-6300

- 3.8GHz                       -3.5GHz

-125w                           -95w


There almost identical, need some quick help!

More detailed(?) information.

FX-6200   FX-6300

I myself would go 6300.  I believe Captain would also go 6300 even over the 8350 (at current pricing).

Well the 6200, is a Zambezi(Bulldozer)  The 6300 is a Vishera(Piledriver) And from what i have been reading the Vishera(Piledriver) is more of a refined verson of the bulldozer's. So it's susposed to perform better. by how much i have no idea. I'm sure someone here could give you more detailed info on both. But considering that and the price difference isn't much you would prolly be better off  going with the 6300. I'm sure someone here will recomend going with one of the 8xxxx processors.

The 6300 beats the 6200 in 9/10 tests at the stock clock, and if you OC it it will SMOKE the 6200, so get the 6300

Thank you all for the quick replys. :)

From a person who has used both the bulldozer(fx-8150) and the piledriver(Fx-8350).....GET THE DAMN PILEDRIVER!!!! And if you can. Try getting it at a Microcenter you can get 50$ off a motherboard with it or you can get a cheap-o one for free with it.

It would be alot cheaper if i got it at Micro center, but i'm not in a selected area.