FX-6100 Slow?

Hey guys. I'm not sure why but my cpu is pretty slow. I have it OC'd to 3.9GHz. Is this just a crap processor or is it my combination of parts. 

Gigabye 990FXA-UD3
FX6100  -  CM hyper 212+
16GB Kingston DDR3 1600Mhz
Seasonic 650 watt PSU
60GB ocz vertex 3 ssd
2TB green drive for shit 


in a way, yes

the 6100 is a first gen bulldozer CPU which was pretty bad, the extra ram dosent do anything since its not being utilized and the 990FXA-UD3 is not really known for great performance

Well, define slow...

I have a 6100 in my friend's build and for him it's perfect. He uses it for general things and gaming, and he loves it. But if you're trying to do cpu-intensive tasks, then yes. It sucks.

Slow as in it studders while opening HD videos while facebook is open in chrome

I'm kinda planning on swaping the motherboard too, do you think the MSI 990fx-gd80v2 board is good or their 970a-46? I've great things about both. If I do that though I'm going to throw in a 8350

is the fx6100 bad? i dont think so...



Naw in games its fast b/c games are like 80% GPU based and I have a 6870. but i mean like everyday tasks like switching windows, opening the start page ( windows 8 ), and scrolling. it just falls behind for some reason

AMD is king, you should know that!

singlecore performance is a bit crappier cause it has no HT.. but still it have to work fine, maybe try the hotfixes..

but the fx6100 should not be slow!

did you install all drivers, from youre gpu, windows8 is new os, and somethimes it doesnt recognize the the ati drivers it self, so you have to look on the site from youre gpu manufacterer, if there are windows 7  of windows 8 drivers availeble. but the cpu it self have to perform just fine in alldays windows tasks.

AMD fucked up on Bulldozer - Zambezi but they fixed on Piledriver - Vishera, soon there will be a Piledriver update like FX 6350 or something...

Recon-UK calm down, I read couple of your responses on some threads... Because somebody is defending something that does not literally means he is a fanboy, anyway stop crying about Bulldozer... Everyone knows and its now history, look forward and not backwards.. Dont be a fool. Peace.

na i know bulldozer isnt realy the best cpus to get the vishera piledriver version of the fx6100 is the fx6300..

but what i try to say is just for  normal windows tasking like brosing internet and so on, windows 8 eaven runs fine on a pentium 4 with HT,  so to me its a bit strange, the fx6100 is slow..

but yes if you can afford it, then indeed its not a bad idea to but the FX6300 cause piledriver, is much more efficiant... and performs better.

i was allways inte fan.l till i saw tha amd in midrange (gaming) systems is much more worth youre money, more bang for  buck :)

Said nothing about Crapdozer here...


Said AMD is king, am i wrong all of a sudden??



I commented on what you said on other threads and I think you are being sarcastic or something, there are no kings, Intel and AMD are a bit tied right now... toe to toe...

We will see what StreamRoller can do in Q1 of 2014, in june Piledriver will get an update/refresh so I can't wait to see  some slight improvements ;)

I have an FX6100. I got it a bit ago when I was going to get an FX4100, and I found it on sale for the same price so free upgrade. It was to be a place holder CPU in the build until I had more cash and better iterations were out.
It still is a placeholder, but I have found it preforms fantastically well for my needs and the price I got it at. Like I got it when the prices had bottomed out it seems (i.e. it costs more to get now, months and months after, from amazon funnily enough. Always happy with a good value buy :) ).

Whatever its performance in games and the like, which has been great for me, in windows the thing is perfect. I mean it has never ever even kind of told me it was having problems.

I have had none of the stuttering issues you speak of.

I think you have either other problems or got caught out with a specifically shitty chip.

+1 to that mate, hoping AMD can bag a win with Steamroller, i would not mind upgrading my AM3 Dragon :)