FX 4300 4.8Ghz OC video

This is a video made on channel Nicolas11x12TECHX, AMD FX 4300 overclocked to 4.8Ghz...

See the results, it can compete with i5 3570k/ i7 3770k in gaming, look:


yea, intel always seems to beat amd in synthetic benchmarks, but who buys a cpu just to run synthetis benchmarks?

Who buys? Intel fanboys, people that don't do research, people that ask a employe at a shop... Well... I just don't understand the stupidity of those people...

| a shop

*cough* best buy *cough*

I bought an i7 3770k because the first part of my build that I bought was my motherboard, a Maximus V Formula, and it kind of determined the rest of my build. Yeah, it was before I found TekSyndicate /r/buildapc. I am still very happy with the performance of my computer, though :)

4.8gHz though... that is really nice for a 4300. However, wouldn't you spend extra money on the CPU cooler that could have just gone into an 8350 or 3770k/3820?

Well it would be close fo FX 8350, because the cooler used for the OC was a Cooler Master V6 GT that costs 50$ its a total of 180-190. i5 3570k still costs more, well it depends if you plan to upgrade and you can reuse the cooler and sell the CPU.

Its always reccomended to buy an aftermarket cooler because its better, Intel CPU's dont come with coolers like AMD from what I know so you spend more money.

Cooler Master Hyper Evo 212 is 33$ and it will keep it under the normal temperatures at full load the FX 4300 at 4.8Ghz OC while Cooler Master V6 GT makes this OC-ed 4300 a very "cool" compared to FX 4300 at stock speeds with stock cooler... :)

So with CM V6 GT  you could OC at 5.2Ghz or 5.5 or even if plausable 5.8Ghz but it would probavly explode and wont work properly, rofl.

Wait a minute....


OP, i for one dislike your attitude "who buys intel" "intel fanboys"


For one, that cpu is at 4.8ghz, while a 2500k/3570k sits at 3.3-3.4ghz...

Then in comes the power consumption (this is not a big deal) but it simply is not something you should forget..

Then there is the added price of an aftermarket cooler (not like it is an issue)


I am unbiased, and use both 1155 and AM3 Dragon builds, but your post is fanboy 101 talk.


You need to do more research pal, all CPU's from AMD and intel come with a standard OEM cooler (boxed)

Hah, when I walk into a Best Buy/Fry's to buy something I basically ignore the employee's, one of them told me that 4-pin molex to 6-pin connectors are not what I want to power my GPU