Fx-4100 am3+ socket

I need a good aftermarket CPU cooler compatable with socket AM3+ I don't want to move to liquid cooling with this build. Any suggestions? (Price is no option)

Well why not just look at some of the Tek syndicates reviews on them?

The Xigmatek Dark Knight 2 that they reviewed performed better than a H100.

Here is the link to his review:



"(Price is no option)" you have 3 options on the cream of the crop of air coolers, noctua D14, silver arrow, or the phantek ph-tc14pe. they all perform within a few degrees of one another, the best is the phantek i believe. but either one will serve you well

The Silver Arrow from Thermalright is downright bonkers because it is entirely possible to have three 140mm fans on that thing. Definitely nice to have.

Although, I totally just realized that you said something about putting a crazy air cooler on an AMD FX 4100... Umm... I suggest the 


instead of the Silver Arrow, because the silver arrow is, like, $140 and this one isn't.

Thanks for the suggestions but those coolers just don't fit the color scheme I am going for.

coolermaster hyper 212 plus  20 bucks, or the evo model 30 bucks

or if you realy want a big thing ..

Coolermaster V6 GT            50 bucks or so

I still want maximum air flow through my case.

Does anybody know where I can find a Coolermaster X6 Elite?


$90, i would grab this one  or the phantek which is $20 more in pcpartpicker, and then smash noctuca fans on it, no they dont go with your coulor scheme, but they are pressure optimised, and when some say's "Dude why you got those but ugly fans on your cooler" you say "cause they are the best damn fans for the job, theese fans are boss" that is the truth too unless you want delta fans...... but uhhh those things can kick out over 60dbl's in noise, you would have to soundproof the nuts of your case to even be able to tollerate them... lol 

I personally like the frio oc version its around $60

The colour scheme? That made me LOL. :P

Personally, I don't look at my PC while I'm working/gaming (I have an Antec GX700, ugly bastard, that may be why). Though each to their own.

Which colours exactly do you want?

i has a noctura nh d 14 with a delta on the front of it. noise is only an issue if you dont have a fan controller. at mid/ low speed with a 1100t oc'd to 4.1 ghz  with crap tons of voltage  my max socket temps are 47c and my max core temps are 40c.

Eh, the Silver Arrow is astonishingly good at cooling, and it has the capacity for three fans which would, if anything, improve the air flow through your case by channeling it into your CPU cooler. Just get a fan speed controller with at least six channels and you can tweak the volts running through them to your hearts content until you find the proper noise level that you are happy with. With a heatsink of that size, you should be able to run it relatively quietly with such large fans.