FuzeDrive AI powered SSD

got an email from Enmotus about a indiegogo they started

It claims to be an “AI” powered SSD that comes in 900Gb or 1.9TB( + 32Gb expandable) sizes.

Interisting product, I wonder what kind of AI they are useing for this. The marketing is a hoot though

“AI learns how you use your system and automatically optimizes the SSD by moving your frequently accessed data to 128GB of SLC. It uses the high capacity QLC to store infrequently accessed data (like all those Steam Summer Sale games you bought and never played).”

Oddly it claims to have some integration with windows update?
Says you can install its software right through WU, not something I have heard of before.

it’s some kind of driver. for a very long time now you had the checkbox in WSUS to update other thing that windows, i had logitech and intel update that way when i was on windows.
I am not surprised.

Wendell did a video on this one:


i was looking at it but, looks like all the magic is in the driver or software. so it isn’t OS agnostic :expressionless:

Yeah, basically.

You will get strange results with other OS’s out of the box, but the SLC is statically mapped to the beginning of the LBA range, so it’s not impossible to get it tiered correctly via bcache or ZFS L2ARC. Though it would be nice if they offered an update so it was exposed via separate namespaces.

At least it’s something new in the consumer space. Hopefully ZNS drives w/ explicit tiering makes it down to the enthusiast market space.

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You are referring to wendell’s tutorial right?

very cool stuff I have really wanted to try out some tiered storage but I am still new to linux beyond day to day office/gaming.


Just received my drive, but I cannot find authoritative information on where to plug the heatsink connector.

I suspect it is just power for fixed LEDs, but I don’t know that for sure. I may just install it without the connection until there is a good reason to add that.

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I did not get the heatsink myself but it should either look like an LED or Fan header and would probably only fit in the right one

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Has anyone had issues with the driver installing on windows.

I have a ticket open and they said they are aware of the issue and the driver will be updated in a few days

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