"Future proofness" of AM4 chipsets?

There is. Memory support is better, VRM componentry overall on X470 seems more refined and way way WAY better than B350 VRMs… Not sure if there is any B350 board with more than 4+3 VRM phases…
Store MI is pure amazingness and it doesn’t work on 300 series and most importantly - it’s free…
On other hand I have a B350 board and I don’t really feel like upgrading. The VRMs are kinda hott, but other than that I don’t have any complaints. Still, the VRMs are way wormer than I want them to be.

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Sorry, this was misleading.
I currently have a Haswell Xeon and will just upgrade CPU, Ram and board soon™.

Store MI: I would stick to LVM anyway, even if StoreMI was supported on Linux.

So it’s gamble whether to get a B350 which just fits or get a X[3|4]70 where, IF newer CPUs are supported by the chip set, the VRMs could make the difference. I guess it’s worth the gamble and will get a X board.

Thank you all for your input.

nah, its been tested by GN amongst others.

the 470 boards have better hardware to run the faster memory. it’s not a cpu improvement, it is down to the boards. 1x00 cpu in 470 board can run faster memory stable.