Future Proof Me!

Question: can this rig go into the future (4k and overclocking) without any problems?

Concerned about power issues with card and gpu overclocking with 3-way SLI.

I obtained some great advice from the forum but they didn't realize I wanted to do at least 3-way SLI, so recommended the wrong MoBo for me. I know 32gb ram is more than enough, and that three 970 cards will be insane, but I must be sure before I buy my first part.


What I will be rocking at first



This is what eventually will happen!


Not my favorite power supply - voltage regulation is just okay, and so is the ripple.  I'm also not sure how it'll handle 3 GTX 970s.  I think that you might trip a +12V rail, since it's only 20A.

i think you will need more PCIe lanes, also if you want to make a rig that will last a while i recommend 2011-3. 


also id recommend saving up for a 980 2 way sli vs 3 way sli 970's, better performance 

I can't justify spending 500+ a unit.

So we thinking a 1000w supply? Or is it a brand issue?




I agree with previous posters. Do 2x gtx980 sli. Less overall power draw compared to 3x gtx970's. Your platform of choice wont have enough lanes for 3 way sli anyway.

Also Irecommend the psu that i'm currently using. A seasonic ss-850Km3.


You sure? This MoBO supports 4-way SLI

And thank you for the PSU recommendation.

I would make a choice on 2 or 3 way when the next arrives, 970 is great to start with, But 2x 8gb 980ti's? or 390X whatever will rock UHD.

Scaling performance drops off heavily after 2 cards.  That's why most of us recommend 2 GTX 980s.

i still think you should go x99..... more lanes, more cores, more upgrade ability,  for the same price. weather you go 980 or 970's, x99 is the bettter deal bro. 

these motherboards also have extra space for more air flow for your gpus. 





also if you still want your gigabyte board 


The 4790k only has 16 pci-e lanes and doing 2 way SLI will mean each card will run at 8x/8x. Anything more than 2 way SLI is just not possible since Nvidia requires a minimum of 8x lanes for each card. You can run more than 2 AMD graphics cards in crossfire with that platform though. Since AMD will allow their cards to even run at 4x.

Someone doesn't know what a plx chip is lol. Motherboard manufactures add these chips which generate more pcie lanes. So with one of these chips another 16 lanes can be added (or more/less) to get 4 way sli on lga 1150.  

Nope, I was not aware of that. lol

There is no such thing as futureproofing, the best you can hope for is future resistant :D