Future proof gaming rig ... or not?

Hey guys, i'm from Romania and i'm currently trying to build a rig mainly for gaming, i've come up with 2 builds,


1. The one with FX8320 is attempting to be a bit future proof with OC capabilities and slots for dual video cards, that's why i put a 850W in there in case  i might want to install a second GTX 760, or even dual GTX 770 in the future so it's sorta preparing for that.


2.The FX6300 is just the minimum needed for decent gaming but is has no(or very limited) OC capabilities and only one 16x slot.


I can't really decide if it's worth to go with the more expensive one, i mean if you remove the videocard from the equasion the one attempting to be a bit future proof is going to be a whopping 330 dollars more, money that could be invested in the video card of the cheaper one, i made an excel spreadsheet for comparison also i've converted my currency into dollars for easier comprehension of the cost:




Anyways thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated, which one is worth it?

Whenever I design a build, I try my best to design it where I can upgrade it easily. For instance, both rigs use the AM3+ socket, so why not use the same mobo for both rigs? Instead of choosing the more expensive R9 270X, why don't you choose the MSI R9 270 Gaming OC Edition... Which can be OC'd and have the same performance as R9 270X. Hope that helps!

there is no such thing as a "future proof" build. But you can decide how long it will be before you need to upgrade by picking quality parts now. Do you want your rig to be relevant 4 years from now? you will need to pick some top tier parts. Or have your rig relevant for 1-2 years then upgrade your components then. You are going to spend the same money in the end.