Future gen amd

I know its kinda soon to be talking about this. And no one really knows anything yet, but its kind of fun to think about them. The 8870 and 8850 have already been leaked. They seem to be amazing for their price. I was thinking about even waiting for one of those rather than getting a 7950/7870 right now. Just wanted to post on a topic I thought was interesting. 


Kind of an old article. But gives you an idea of the next gen gpu's

Seems cool but I need cuda so sorry AMD

I believe they're gonna focus more on improving performance rather than power consumption. And after seeing the success of the 5800 and 7800 series cards, I believe they are gonna try to keep the legacy going. 6800 series was bad, AMD even said that the 6870 was more comparable to a 5850 than the 5870.