Future build. any suggestions?

I am planning to build a new computer for personal use, such as video editing, light rendering, and occasional gaming. Click here to view the rig in question.

Gonna need a little background. Even one word might help.

Do apologize. posted the p tag as a comment for some reason.



I'd go with that. You can grab a GTX 770 if you really want CUDA, but the R9 280X does a better job in games and OpenCL is quite nice.

I would reallhy consider the 4 GB model of the GTX 770 because games are stareting to use more than 2 GB VRAM. Especially heavily modded skyrim, and Watch_dogs ( eats up to 3.5 GB of VRAM on ultra)

I would say think of Seasonic as another option for the power supply, I've read the quality on those RM power supplies can be hit or miss


Also the Seasonic is cheaper