Futurama Return Made Official

Comedy Central has picked up Futurama for the long awaited return, i'm sure there are some fans on here, they are bringing 26 new episodes!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the greatest news ever, more Futurama!!!!!!!!!!

Taken from IGN -http://au.tv.ign.com/articles/993/993144p1.html

This is a great day for all mankind.

YES! That show is F#$*#'ing awesome!

When wasn't "After we make our movies, we will start a new season." official?

W00T, cant wait I watched most of those movie things, how many where they as I will have to watch them all


Futurama was shit......

Name something better? Some people just are not smart enough nor clever enough to comprehend such shows. Futurama is a classic with nice witty humor, which is a nice change in pace when compared to every other comedy sitcom. Enjoy your Tim and Eric.

I just wait the day when it will be aired in my country.
Because that show kicks ass.

I'm guessing you guys didnt hear. Bah i dont want to give bad news but the voices of the characters are being recasted, it wont be the same futurama. Apparently the actors wanted more money.