Futer proof cheapass pc

 my budget Is 740 $ i only need CPU and keyboard,mouse ( without cdrom)

Ok through some cheapass best budget gamming and vedio editing pc that can run crysis 3 also if possible at medium setting

But I want it to run battlefield 3  and sleepingdogs also

I don't care if it's Intel or AMD

Through something at me that is in my budget of 740 $


No such thing as a "Future proof" PC especially not a "cheapass" one. What kind of graphics card do you have already?

If you're wanting to video edit than the i7 3770k is probably your best option and as for keyboard and mouse it's mainly personal preference. Otherwise what are you looking for in a mouse and keyboard? do you want a mechanical keyboard fully backlit? Are you looking for a mouse with programmable buttons? What kind of grip do you prefer on a mouse?

I don't have a gpu I have nothing and I need a normail keyboard mouse lol

Please. Suggest. Me some pc

I don't think 740$ are low for a nice PC and please. Help would u suggest i5 or fx8350