FURY X or GTX980 TI?

I am looking to upgrade to a new system and the only thing I am unsure of is which of these 2 cards i should get. Is anyone able to give me the positive and negative to these cards? Are they the same, just with different brands?

Please help

No, they are not the same.

And since you have given no context, the only answer is: it depends.

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Same or or less in terms of performance, Fury X is going to see a small speed bump by 10% percent in a few months though.

Get 980ti if you don't generally care all that much about hardware stuff or you just really like nvidia.

Fury X is generally for people that are fed up with Nvidia's asshattery, want need tech aka Fancy first gen HBM, like the look of the card and have space for the 120mm radiator.
Fury X uses slightly more power as well, but its not something you should really pay attention to as they're very similar to each other.

Or you just really like AMD:

I use my pc for gaming and browsing the web

ok thanks.....main thing I was worried about with the amd card was that i have seen some people say that nvidia has better drivers for games, which is the only reason I am so unsure of which one to get