Funny HoN Troll

Lol i think this community needs to stop breath count to three lol

Actually, make that 10 or the counter is bust then shit breaks loose

lol i love this forum

I love how I can check back once a day and not miss anything, fuck.

Oh, oh! I wanna join the party!

UR ALL F.A.G.S!!!!!

Woah there mang, I'm not sure what acronym F.A.G.S is. Explain or I'll break your teeth in half, over the internet.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Did you ever kiss your mom with that mouth?!

I swear! This is a hell much better than f***ing youtube!

No, this mouth is for drinking the blood of my enemies.

Youtube sucks, lol.

Let's see how good you are at drinking blood of an menstruation, after your libs are pierced togehter.

That's gross, you took it too far. lol

The way it's meant to win, lol.


Lets kill the forums with fighting......

hey RuffeDK, ill meet you in Consoles you bring the grenades ill bring the guns?

Hell yeah, I'm in! I'll start blowing up my bros Wii Â