Func Ms-3 strange problem

Ok i got this on the Back of Logans review

and its a Good mouse But 

Not all the Time but when i power up my PC it does not see the Mouse

I have to unplug the unit and plug it back in 

When i got the mouse it would not work unless the firmware was updated 

i have no issues when its running 

Just very strange is this a common thing with firmware Mouses ???

I'm not sure if they updated the firmware or not, but I had an issue with mine and Windows 8. Wouldn't work with a USB 3.0 port and there were no firmware updates for WIndows 8. Works for me in a USB 2.0 port though with no issues. 

That's my anecdotal experience with the mouse. Not sure if it helps! Sorry if it doesn't :/

The response I got back was it had to be in a powered usb2 socket gaming keyboards area no no 

Ok there support is good but just replacing a mouse will not fix the problem 

i seem to be getting every excuse under the sun 

i no its there mice as i have now tried these on three gaming rigs but to say its random is the main 

it has now gone a full week then it starts again