FUNC HS-260 Cable Replacement

I got the HS-260 because the mic is awesome and sounds impressively similar to the AT2020, when I got it the bass was pretty decent but the high's and treble sounded like trash, but it took to the equalizer pretty well without distortion, still not quite on par with my SteelSeries Siberia v2's but it's a good compromise between mic and audio quality for a sub $100 headset, in my case sub $50. But I have one big gripe and that would be the braided cable that came with it, much like prior razer mice I've owned the stiff braided cables coil up, get annoying, and I'm far too lazy to "heat it up with a hair dryer and hang it somewhere" like some forums suggest, I just dislike braided cabling in general.


I'm trying to find a good 3 meter long 3 conductor to divided 3.5mm mic and audio cable, the closest I've found is this.


This isn't my picture but here's essentially what the full setup looks like.


I appreciate any effort to help out in advance.