Fun Indie game recommendations?

I'm looking for a new game to play and I think it would be fun to try some new indie games. The game needs to be fun, 3rd/1st person, co-op, and a game with a strong story. I would prefer the game to be under $20, but if you have suggestions for games that are over $20 I'll still take a look at them. :) 

PS: It must be using Steam!


If you like older FPS style games. Anything Flying wild Hog is great. Hard Reset and Shadow Warrior. Also if you have a intel chip Rise of the Triad is really fun. But ran like crap on my old AMD chip.

Torchlight 2, papers please, pap and yo, spec ops, sniper elite

An INCREDIBLY casual experience, but very, very enjoyable one I just picked up during the Halloween sale was Lilli: Child of Geos. It lacks the co-op you're asking for though, so may not be an option for you. It's also only around 5-hours in length and is $20, which I think is a bit steep for it. Thanks to the Halloween sale, I got it for $5 which was a STEAL for this game.


I loved it enough to write a full review on it (which I don't do often) so I'll gladly express more thoughts about it, if you are at all interested.


Cloudbuilt is an interesting game that maybe tries too hard to make a deep story, but the gameplay is tight. It's a 3rd person platformer, but it more plays like a....slightly more open ended free-runner, where you need to do some tricky maneuvers to get to the end goal. Once again, lacks co-op. I didn't finish it, so I don't have much else to say other than: nice art style, good controls.

Quantum Conundrum is such a charming little game. It was developed by the original director of Portal 1 and it DEFINITELY shows. It's sort of like an expansion to Portal 1 without the Portal  gun, but instead relying on 4 different "dimensions" to control the physics of objects. The 4 dimensions being fluffy (light), Metal (heavy), Slow, and Reversed gravity. I had great fun, but it's sadly fairly short, and again: no co-op.

Everyone knows about Trine, but if you don't: Trine 2. Go get it.

Lastly, would be "The Long Dark" - actually made me laugh that Logan mentioned Pistol was playing it - it's still in Early Access, but it takes the survival genre that seems to have been emerging in recent years - mostly around zombies - and puts you up against the cold northern wilds of Canada - NO ZOMBIES! YAY!!!! Just wolves, and the bitter cold to fight against. I quite enjoy it. I think it's about worth the current price at $20, but the dev said at final release it will retail $40, which I think is way too steep, they better add a lot of content to convince me that is a fair price.

And, of course, no co-op for it. I play by myself, so I don't really look for multiplayer games.

A few honorable mentions: "Divinity: Original Sin", "Wasteland 2", "Gas Guzzlers Extreme", "Blacklight: Retribution", "Warframe", "Loadout"