Fun Free2Play MMORPG's?

 Hey guys. I am extremly bored out of my mind and doing nothing with my life right now. I feel like playing an MMORPG right now. But, I can't seem to find any thing new. Do any of you guys know any fun MMORPG's? I am looking for some MMORPG's to play that are not necessarily Pay to WIN. Please give me suggestions off MMORPG's that are not too old. Recently new MMO's are kind of what i'm looking for....

Star trek Online if you're into star trek or Maplestory if your into 2d side scrollers

Rift is going free to play so you can try that out. There's always the old Republic as well. 

I've heard good things about Guild Wars 2. It's not free to play, but you don't have to pay monthly.

I played Vindictus but I'm not really an MMORPG player so I can't tell if it's good or not.

isn't runescape a mmorpg?

Ragnarok Online 2. It is somewhat addicting as my brother has been playing it for hours/day. Cute, early game is easy but after that, you will need party members to help you.

I would recommend Neverwinter, it's quite fun.

If your PC can handle at, Planetside 2 is kind of fun, especially in a nice group.

So Guild Wars 2 is amazing and i love it to death. I played WoW for 7 years and its a super nice change.
Raiderz is another free to play action fighting style mmo.
Ragnarok 2 Online is WoW in Anime forum with other differences that make it nice.
Age of Wushu is a ninja mmo that gets really fun after 6 hours into but till then slow tutorial and beginning areas.
SWTOR is aweful. I'm ungodly disapointed that i paid for that game. It's still not even remotely balanced >_>
Warframe isn't technically an mmo but i guess it is. Space Ninja Nazi's is how to sum up warframe. If that doesn't attract you to it, you have no idea what fun is. lawl,'re probably a cool dude anyway.
But seriosuly Space Ninja Nazi's/