Fullscreen SLI problem GTX 690

I'm having a frame skip issue with my 690 when running in Multi GPU mode. Games tend to like to skip a few frames roughly every second, and does this very consistently. I'm only running on one GPU now and games run as smooth as butter. I have the most current drivers (was having the same problem on the old drivers too). Running Windows 7 Home Premium. My lack of expertise is showing. D:

SLI'ing two GTX 690's is basicly a quad sli GTX 680, which has never been very stable

I'm not running two cards in SLI. Both GPU's on the card run in SLI together, but when I only run off of one GPU, it runs fine. Running on one GPU is like running an underclocked 680.

Sorry, from the wording it sound different... wat it the temps on the GPU when you are running it in SLI

GPU is in the low 50's, gpu 2 is in the mid 50's (prolly due to fan setup)

probably the game what game is the problem?

It isnt doing much work if it is in the 50's... wat about ingame temps?

Every game. Planetside 2, Call of duty, Borderlands, League of Legends, you name it

Those are ingame temps. Like you said, they aren't doing too much, which isn't surprising, considering two 680GPU's are sharing a work load :P