Full Tower ATX Sub 100$?

The past two mid-tower cases I bought are too cramped..barely enough room to fit a decent sized grahics card, with all the power cables and 212 cooler master. My question is...is there a nice full tower case under 100$ or even a nice mid tower with plenty of room?

It's a little difficult to find a quality full tower case under $100. A couple of times I saw a Corsair 750D on Tigerdirect for about $90 (but that's after a fat rebate, which you pretty much can't avoid).

As of now I can only suggest a few larger mid-towers with tons of space. These are often called "super mid-towers."

#1: The Corsair 500R ($100 after rebate)

(Sadly only the white one is on sale now). My brother has the black one and man, this thing is BIG. Plenty of room for everything! It's capable of some pretty damn good wire management. It's made of steel and is powder coated, I HIGHLY recommend this. The black one goes on sale a lot, most of the time $80-$90.


#2 The Cooler Master HAF XM ($70 after rebate)

I don't have personal experience for this one, but the reviews are pretty solid. Looks like it has loads of room.


#3 The Corsair 600T ($110 after rebate)

Again, no personal experience, but This is as close to full tower as you can get in a mid. The reviews for this thing is insanely good pretty much everywhere you look.


Don't... Any of those - don't...

Phantex Enthoo Pro - 89.99$

Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBhmn21ylkc

I would have own it, if just anybody sell it in my country... I went with Fractal...

PS: If you wana go cheaper i have heard only good things about NZXT Source 530 for 74.99$.


Just a hint - it is their sample for the front filter...

Was going to suggest thins one as well.

They all look like quality cases but psycho kinda has a point. I've been seeing some videos on the enthoo for a bit and it looks promising....it has a lot of stuff for a great price point but I was skeptical because it is such a new case. I want to see if anything can match up to it. 

My recommendation would be the NZXT Source 530.

Been looking around n saw this... http://www.amazon.com/Cooler-Master-HAF-912-Computer/dp/B00BCXF6O4/ref=sr_1_1?s=pc&srs=2529193011&ie=UTF8&qid=1407098831&sr=1-1&keywords=cooler+master It's mid but bigger than what I have..doesn't have front fan but I can take one out of the case I'm not using. Anything close to this around the same price range? Still thinking of the Phanteks too...

If you ask me, nothing can beat Enthoo Pro. Total custumizability is a really nice feature to have. If you ever change stuff in your PC, you can change the case to fit the new hardware.

However, HAF 912 is one of the all time greats. It have great feature list. However, i couldn't live personally with non painted interior and non sleeved cables...

IDK, my choice would always be Enthoo pro until a better case with more features jumps in at 100$ price.

NZXT Phantom 530 maybe, but yeah a case is a personal choice. ☺