Full Stack Diary App

My project will be part of a resolution for 2021, to keep a diary. I want a no frills, quick and simple diary App that I can use on my phone and in browser. I will use React to build a PWA, which I have not done before, and will use Go gin for the backend, which I have some experience in.

I know some of you have been going for a while now, but in November I started a new job, so was rather busy. I also am not quite sure how much time I will have for this, hence I have only specified PWA and backend, there could be more…

I will keep a semi-regular (every couple of days) blog here to track my progress.


Congratuations on the new job and I look forward to seeing what you have built.

2020 was the year that I was going to get serious and write everything down… but then things went south with the world, and I kept writing depressing things instead of actual Ideas and things to look into, research.

Yes it does seem like 2020 would have been a rather stagnant dairying year. Hopefully things can only go up!

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Time for my first update.

The system is more or less planned out (everything is soft and could change).

I will make use of the smallest Linode shared server for hosting, anything more for this project would be overkill during development. But most of the tech used will be relatively easy to scale up if I end up with 1,000,000 concurrent users.

I will be using Go for my back-end logic (the gin framework).
Mongodb will be used to store entries and user info.
Redis will be used for some caching.
GraphQL will be used to query the API.
The web front-end will use React.

The next steps will be writing out data structures and learning to use GraphQL.
More to follow soon…

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