Full size ATX mobo in a smaller platform

I've been given an 8350 and a full size mobo to build a secondary system but I would rather not have a large system. Is anyone familiar with a case that would be smaller than a mid tower (-ish) and still support a full size mother board? I'd also like to keep the price down below $100. Thanks guys!

Bitfenix Outlaw or Shinobi

Coolermaster HAF 912 or CM 690 II

Corsair 230T or Spec 01

Fractal Core 3000


Thermaltake Versa H22 or R21 or G41

Zalman Z9 or Z11 


I am sure i am missing more but there are thousands of options out there for cases under $100 those are just the ones off the top of my head. I personally like the 230T but its at the upper end of the $100 range the HAF 912 has great cooling but it will be dusty without fan filters same with the 690 II.

really I would google through those and see which has an aesthetic you like and double check to make it will accommodate the vidoe cards and peripherals you want to use.