Full of dumb ideas and probably poor choices

I am getting ready to build my new come server as soon as my wife and kids give me a few hours. It is an Asus Rack X570 board with 2x 10Gb and 2x 1Gb nics. I have a TPLink Omada 1Gb PoE switch. I was drinking my coffee this morning and think (danergous I know). I was wondering if I could find a switch with a 10Gb uplink and 8-10 1gb 1Gb ports and connect the 10Gb to the server and the 1Gb to the switch. I wouldn’t need a managed switch since the TPLink will be handling VLAN and my server will be on one.

Have a look at the used enterprise gear market. Cheaper, but still not cheap!

HP, Dell and Cisco are the better known reputable names,but Juniper is also quite good stuff (from what I understand, haven’t used any gear from them so far). Good idea before searching: lock your credit card away in the safe :wink:

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Like the ~380 eur TL-SG3210XHP-M2 ? (8x2.5G RJ45 POE+ && 2x10G SFP+) - you’d need an RJ45 transceiver as well, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

Thanks. I had the TP link 3428X pulled up earlier and was looking at it. I have a 2428p in the box waiting to go in. It has 24 1Gb POE ports and 4 1Gb SFP ports. Not something that has to be done today but I have to run network to my desk so I’ll probably pull copper and fiber.

I have not started looking at used enterpuse equipment…yet.

Or I could fix this buying a TL-SG3428XMP. I don’t want to pay restocking at Newegg. :frowning: Assuming I can use the uplinks hook to my server and my PC.