Full format required for new HDD

Hello guys,

I’ve recently obtained (brand) new HDD for my PC.
I installed the drive, initialized via Disk Management as GPT, created and quick-formatted an ntfs partition.

I would like to know, whether there’s something else I should do, prior to start using it?
For example:

  • Full Format - is it necessary / advisable?
  • Something else to check?

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Could check for and attempt to fix bad sectors by using the chkdsk /R command. A full format does something similar to this and takes a little bit of a shorter time, as a full format just checks for bad sectors and marks them as a bad sector. The chkdsk /R command not only checks for bad sectors, but also tries to recover that bad sector, and in doing so takes a longer time.

As for whether or not it is advisable to check for bad sectors, its up to you. It is always nice to know tho, how good of a drive you got. And if the drive does have a lot of bad sectors, you could always return it for a new drive.

Is it common to find bad sectors in a new drive?

Personally, I would say its common. If you go to Newegg, or any online retailer and read the reviews, people do state that their drive did come with some bad sectors. This will of course differ from model and manufacturer. Some drives are made better then others.

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