Full disk encryption

I ordered my new Dell xps13 developer edition a few days ago. And I want to start this system off being full disk encrypted from day one. It ships with Ubuntu 14.04 and I am reading that the one button full disk encryption that Ubuntu offers in the setup is not the best way to go. So if the tek could do a piece on maybe luks from setup, or what ever software you prefer that would be really nice.

A side not if anyone is interested in this laptop just ask a dell rep for a discount and they knock $100 off for you.

Thank you.


Im curious on this as well. I have done some work for some financial institutions and always run into disk performance issues when using full disk encryption. I haven't done enough to really get into it but would love to hear from someone who has.

The encryption Ubuntu provides is LUKS afaik.

But I have read that you do not get deep enough into the settings. Like not being able to lower the swap partition, and not being able to duel boot. I wish to be able to boot into windows from a usb stick if needed.

This has been my source.


Due to True Crypt being killed off I'd say LUKS is a good option.

You could encrypt only your home folder if you don't want to reinstall:

Your swap partition would be in the 'extended' encrypted partition.

As for dual booting you should be fine if your Windows bootloader is on a separate drive (such as a USB one).