Full Disk Encryption with dual boot

I was wondering if anyone could help me with a dual boot system with full disk encryption. I havnt used linux in a couple years but I just bought a 1tb nvme for my laptop and want to have a linux and windows system. How would I setup full disk encryption on my laptop and use both operating systems.

I’m writing this on a laptop with an m2. 1 TB SATA drive (nvme were expensive when i did the upgrade) and that dual boots.

What I can report is that DMS/LUKS works just fine in Fedora though the standard installer setup. Additionally it sits inside it’s own partitions just fine. EFI/ Grub will pull the right initRD and prompt for the credentials.

I don’t have the windows side encrypted as I rarely use it except in a limited capacity at work to interface wth data loggers whose software is windows only. I don’t have much experience with FDE on windows, but bitlocker seems to be the preferred/native solution but does require the pro version/licence.

If you need cross-platform access, a shared veracrypt/truecrypt partition seems to be the only way I know of to do that encrypted. (if windows is involved)

I would install windows first, leave room for linux, and in windows enable bitlocker. Go through a distro like Fedora to Ubuntu that support LUKS setup out of the box and hope it sees the window loader correctly. If not there’s rEFInd.

Linux does have some basic support for self-encrypting drive (which many SSD controllers offer) but setup for it on a primary boot disk is challenging. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Self-Encrypting_Drives (I find the arch wiki a very good source for Linux information generally)

Thank you. Im going to do more research but this helps a lot. Ill make an update on what I implement.