Fujitsu Have Developed Water/Vapour Cooling for Phones

So we now have viable closed loop water/vapour cooling for phones and tables. Pretty cool (wow sorry did not even notice until I had typed it and read it back in my head). It is passive in that it does not have a pump but drives itself through capillary action.

They plan to bring it to market in 2017.

Fujitsu will develop design and cost-saving technologies for mobile devices equipped with the thin loop heat pipe, with the aim of introducing a practical implementation during fiscal 2017

I already OC my phone so this could get interesting.

Addition: I wonder if this is susceptible to damage for drops as it is very thin and still copper so bending might be an issue in the real world. Also the vapour chamber uses four 0.1 mm thick mesh plates and two outer plates for six surfaces so could be easily damaged maybe?

And now they are able to thin it down i wonder if it scales up to larger components, could this apply to PC in the future and make existing loop designs more efficient?

Awesome! I always love firing up paint and drawing imaginary phones with 64GB of ram and i7s. This may help my fantasies!

This took the concept of vapour-ware to a whole new level

Can't tell if sarcasm or serious.

Either way I am looking forward to these. By 2017 we should have 3Ghz x86-64 phones with considerable memory. You may jest now but I figure you are not miles off, especially if you drop this in a tablet.

@Dreki well Sapphire vapour cards have been using bulkier versions of this for years now.

This is insane. It will be cool (pun intended) to see the potential to have more head room for powerful chips

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Liquid cooled phones and tablets?

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yeah im more woried there is a need for thies. phones shouldnt be using the amount of power that the cpu gets to the point it needs cooling, like at all. phones are supost to last all day or multipul days. unless you have a 10 amp battery the cpu shouldnt be able to use that amount of power