Fujitsu D3116 / D3116C Raid Controller (LSI RoC SAS2208) IT Mode?

Good day all.

I am looking to see if one of my spare Fujitsu D3116 Raid Controller’s based on the LSI Raid on Chip SAS2208 can be flash into IT mode, for use as a standard Host Bus Adapter (HBA) .

So far my search results have found that it is possible with LSI branded cards, but it seems very hit an miss with other brands based on the LSI design, and that there is a high risk of bricking the card all together.

I do have Fujitsu D3116 and D3116C raid controller’s both are currently running in IR mode on the latest firmware.

I have had a good look over Fujitsu’s website and support pages, and so far it seems they only have official firmware for IR mode.

I am currently in no rush, and at this time just looking forward.

If the above card(s) can’t be flashed into IT mode, would you please kindly recommend other make/models of cards that would be suitable.

Thanks in advance

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So far most of the topic’s I have found have all pointed back to this:
As of yet I have not yet tried flashing my controller.

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