Fuck nvidia >:(

Alright you guys my EVGA 295 is crashing constantly, even
when I underclock it to the lowest possible settings. I even checked my
temps and they were fine. Help me out you guys, if I can't fix this
shit then I will never buy a fucking NSHITTIA product again.

Sorry to rage you guys, but fuck, I just got this card about a
couple of weeks ago, and it's already fucking up. My asus x1550 may suck but
at least it was never fucking crashing.

It's got something to do with my VPU.


I'll just ask, what are the rest of your specs?, show us everything, maybe the PSU doesn't have enough juice left to run that puppy, the 295 is a pretty demanding card.And if it is getting enough juice, the card is faulty, that'd be my quess, send it back and get it repaird, or request a new card.

Try to get the 295 in another computer and see if it does the same thing.

Looks like
Your power supply
Isn't so powerful


Yepp most likely that.

Alright you guys, I updated the drivers, and my power supply can probably handle two 4850s.

So yeah I'm fucking pissed. Like I said it's my VPU. HELP.

how many watts lol we dont care how many 4850's it can handle.

Two 4850's and 1 GTX 295 are still very far within similarity of wattage use. You could probably Cfire 2 4850's with a good 550W PSU. The 295 requires a minimum of 680W. So. Yeah. And any generic brands for PSU's would probably worsen your situation. Or. You're lacking amps on the +12v rail.

No, Fuck your knowledge, Evidently you don't know how to read you power supply information.

yeah its definitely the power supply, whats the wattage?

"It's got something to do with my VPU"[size= 12px; line-height: 20px]
[/size][size= 12px; line-height: 20px]Lets see, not to point out the obvious. Your GPU/VPU is crashing. It clearly has a problem, but from what we're seeing here, it's probably your PSU's fault. Even if it's not, you got this card only "a couple of weeks ago" so you can easily RMA it for a new one. Seriously, tell us your PSU's wattage. It's the only clear indicator for us.[/size]

You need to tell us what PSU you have. AND you can't say it's your video card until you have tested it on another system, EVEN if other cards works on that computer.

It's quite obvious that I'm being made fun of here for my FUCK ATI >:( thread.

Definitely, that you are.

Listen man, nothing wrong with nvidia.