Fuck massdrop

They did, the reason I emailed them because a second drop for the Naos 7000 ended several weeks later, and their response was a SHIT SORRY we'll get right on that.

secondly the reason why I blame them is it seems to be only massdrop where I get bad apples for mice, I own a naos8200 which is flawless (asside from its sensor being meh), my friends own them too. only massdrop that I have problems with.

thirdly support says one thing, and does another, like they claimed they would reimburse me for return shipping, which they didn't, normally I wouldn't care but when they explicitly said they would then don't follow through, it really irks me.

Lastly its not even cheaper anymore and you end up with crazy wait times.

I currently have a similar issue with Techspot. I love their deals on online course bundles. I would imagine there aren't any issues with getting software deals through them. But holy shit, I'll never order another physical thing from them again.

I ordered a Liquid Essentialist wallet from them on October 22. The estimated delivery date was November 5th - 12th. I figured about three weeks wait isn't too bad considering it's normally like an $80 wallet and I got it for $60. So the 13th rolls around and I still hadn't even gotten any tracking number or anything. So I send them an email and they say that I'll receive an email with shipping info once their supplier ships it. Great, thanks, big help. It's now the 20th and I still haven't gotten any updates.

UPDATE: The item is now shipped. However, I still haven't gotten an email with tracking information. Also it says it may take up to 21 days for shipping. WEEEEEEEEE!

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yea I think I'm going to stick to amazon.

also update, Mionix support wants me to ship it to Sweden since I bitched over twitter so I think I got some high ups involved.

Not necessarly, these where sourced from a vendor it seems not Mionix it self.

Mass drop was pushed by a few youtubers because they got paid to do so. I don't normally buy into that kind of malarkey. I'll read reviews for 3 months before buying x product from a,b,c vendor if I have to.

So update I got this response from massdrop support.

I am very sorry to hear
that you are having that problem! Unfortunately Mionix has asked that we route
all customers to them for warranty replacements. This means that unfortunately
I am not able to facilitate a warranty replacement for you, as it does need to
go through the vendor.

To which mionix wants the mouse shipped to sweden, which is $40.... vs the $20 of the US.

They also made no mention of offering to reimburse or even partially reimburse the extra cost as per their TOS "Massdrop will pay for all shipping costs related to warranty service. Massdrop also reserves the right to refund the purchase price as its exclusive warranty remedy."

basically they sent me a fuck off talk to mionix. Wonderful.

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Wow...this certainly makes me wary of buying anything through Massdrop.

I really think it depends, I have never bought computer parts through them, but I bought some headphones here and there. They've been quite nice.

I've had good luck in the past, I used to love them, but now the prices are the same as ebay, and you get the long shipping, and the past few drops as in my rant I've had horrible luck.

I was actually apart of that drop. My mouse has been fine. This also isn't an issue with Massdrop. It'd be a problem with Mionix.

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Plot twist, massdrop emails OP asking for the second mouse to be sent back...

They said I could keep it.

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awww fuck op, i just bough something from there!

I seem to recall Linus was pimping out Massdrop on YouTube, must of made a contribution to his lambo fund.

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I think that's how I found out about Massdrop.

I've had good success with massdrop. Except for the mionix mice. Somethings wrong with mionix qc with bulk orders.

Southord lockpick set: no issues, good discount.

AKG K553: great headphones, good price.

DACport Slim: Decent dac/amp for the price. Massdrop exclusive.

Mionix Naos 7000: first one had a shitty and wobbly scroll wheel. Second one did too, but not as bad as the first so I kept it. Every once in awhile it gets sticky on one part, and it still clicks to the left or right. The plastic parts that make the top and bottom don't align as well as the first mouse either, leaving a small plastic ridge that sometimes scratches my hand.

More recently, the sensor has been a bit stuttery. It also no longer works on regular surfaces, only my mousepad.

Mionix is pretty shit. It sucks that I like the shape of the mouse, but I'm probably not gonna pick up another mionix product from massdrop because the quality from a bulk order is garbage.

My E-3lue $10 china mouse has a better scroll wheel and build. Kind of ridiculous.

update again I think I should rename this to fuck massdrop & mionix.

so I finally got a replacement from Sweden andddd the scroll wheel on the new mouse rattles like hell, when ever I scroll towards me it makes a god awful sound, but it works and I don't think I'll bother RMA'ing it.

this has been a terrible experience.

Bought a headset from Massdrop last year and it just seems they've gone downhill since, they have shit like a "corvette" section; which is just a joke when you consider that most of their users are under the age of 40-50. On top of that the drops suck and the prices aren't even worth it.