Fuck massdrop

So I used to be a big fan of massdrop, but I'm kinda done with them now

so back story

I ordered a Mionix Naos 7000 way back in june? and it arrived, had a faulty right mouse button, sent it back, they completely forget about it, have to email them to get them to ship a new one out, over a month later, they shipped two, so I'm thinking wow awesome their fuck up goes in my favour!

well I get not one, but TWO faulty Naos7000s.
one of them, the scroll wheel was essentially fallen off in the mouse and the other one the plastic feet where peeling off.

now fast forward I ordered a Castor because hey it looks pretty good (and I sold the 7000s to some friends who wanted them) and I could use a mouse, arrives yesterday, actually rather impressed (its super comfy and tracks really well) only to find out the middle click doesn't work. I have https://www.reddit.com/r/techsupport/comments/36yhj4/my_mouses_mionix_naos_8200_middle_mouse_click_is/ issue exactly. On a brand new mouse. This is the 4th mouse. Where are they sourcing these from?!?!?!?

now not to mention how mass drop's prices aren't even that good anymore and you wait crazy shipping times to save what $5 off the amazon price?

I just wanted to get that off my chest, fuck massdrop I will be buying my products else where.

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even made a little video about the issue.


rebound the middle click to 'a' for the sake of demonstrating the issue.

I've never actually purchased anything from Massdrop. Generally get everything I want from newegg. Have yet to get a faulty product from them here's hoping that doesn't change.

This is really making me raise my eye brow, because whats the chance I get 4 faulty mice from them?

My friends have ordered Mionix mice from other vendors and have had zero issues, my 8200 works like a charm (but feels a little imprecise) its just massdrop thats the issue.

also their support says and does two different things. they said they would pay for return shipping I would just have to email a copy of the receipt, did it, no response. (not really a problem since normally buy payers return shipping but kinda odd they would say that they would reimburse then just ignore me)
not to mention for the brainwavzs drop I enquired about the extra foam pads that where included, and they said that they where brainwavz's, when in fact after a little research they where actually comply.

overall I'm just dissatisfied

really just wanted to let this rant out there.

You get what you paid for maybe? Like I said personally I haven't used them so I can't really comment.

they're not even much cheaper anymore.....

but anyway I'm just being ranty, pretty salty since it was $110 CAD in total.........

Hey that's fine, good to vent at times.


i usually only order keycaps and can't get anywhere else stuff from massdrop. fortunately, i've had big success. Got a bunch of keycaps, one of those varmilo TKL kbs Awesomesauce kyle reviewed, and a mxl v67g microphone.

Sucks dude sorry about your bad luck.

I had good luck with them, until I got my vortex caps, all went down hill from there.

Think I'll have to look else where don't feel like gambling my money away on them, not to mention its cross boarder so returns and RMA's are a hassle.

I ordered some velour ear pads for my Audio Technica ATH M50 headphones. They came packaged well and everything. Bought them because I thought I was getting a half decent deal. Turns out I could have gotten them from ebay for much cheaper and about the same shipping time from China.
To be fair, I really don't know if the quality is any better on the Massdrop ear pads vs Chinese ones. Who knows, they could be the same. I was hoping they were official in some sort of way, they marketed it like that from what I remember.

Another problem I have with them isn't their fault at all. The cost of shipping and the exchange rate for items in Canada is brutal. However that goes for everything that is bought in the US and shipped to Canada. Its one of the main reasons why I'm waiting to buy some Epic Pants gear. A $15 water bottle and $10 mouse pad (both in USD) will cost me $50 CAD shipped. Not anyones fault (Thanks Obama?) still annoying. /Rant.

oh I remember the velour ear pad drop, love them, but it took massdrop 4 month to actually ship them to me.....

That sounds to me like there was a whole line of defective mice manufactured. You should contact the manufacturer too. I mean you got four four defective mice. They might be willing to do something for you, because that's quite exceptional.

i wouldn't blame them... blame that shitty mouse manufacturer.

mass drop sources all their items directly from manufacturers...

It took around a month for me. I think I got it near the end of the drop so I didn't have to wait too long for the shipping. You will probably wait a long time for anything at the beginning of a drop.

I was a fan of MassDrop at first, now it's kind of blah. Like they have a deal for Evo 850 SSDs, for the same price as Amazon.. like.. why bother? And anymore it's just all keyboards and expensive stuff. Half of the non tech stuff I see on there is usually cheaper on Amazon, or has horrible reviews, or takes forever to actually ship. Buyer beware and all that, do your homework.

I'm not surprised about the faulty mice, that's probably why there was a MassDrop for them..

Massdrop prices are a joke. They are barely cheaper if at all (I have been able to find stuff cheaper than on MD while it is still on MD) and the shipping completely kills it, just absolutely ruins it. The shipping times too are just hilarious.

The only thing I use massdrop for is keyboard parts as they get stuff that just cannot be had otherwise. Mostly caps.

Other wise Massdrop are useless, I have not had issues with them but their prices are so far from cheap it is actually funny. Their own site misses the point of their site.

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honestly I made my money back on the 7000 so I'm done with that, for the castor, I've contact mionix and will probably try to return it to massdrop.

I want to think I'm being too picky, but I have video proof for 2 of em being wrong

Why would anyone buy computer parts through mass drop? Just use newegg or Amazon where you know there is actual customer support. If you do go through the manufacturer.

Knifes, pens and ultralight backpacking stuff does have some great deals. And the manufacturers of said stuff has some of the best customer service I have ever dealt with.

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Man that really sucks and I'm another guy who has had nothing but good luck with them (5 or 6 orders), but I haven't bought anything from them since they exploded in size. I think my last order was in maybe February... I'll definitely think twice about using them now days before doing some more research.

Wait, all of your complaints are about NAOS quality control. Why the hell are you blaming Massdrop. They're a reseller, not the maker of the products. Massdrop doesn't make the products, they just sell them for a couple bucks less then you can find else where. Can you confirm that Massdrop forgot about the return, or is that an assumption? Because if you've ever looked into massdrop and how they are set up as a company, its obvious that returns are tricky from their position. They do not actually have product sitting in inventory like a Newegg does. Newegg has products in a warehouse that can be sent out as soon as its purchased or your faulty unit comes in. Massdrop does not employ this system. Massdrop has their campaign and then once the campaign ends, they order that exact amount from the company producing the product. So returns are weird because they have to talk to the company and communicate with them that they have a faulty product and send it to them then so forth. If you've got an email from Massdrop saying 'shit we forgot' then you have a leg to stand on, but at this point your ripping on Massdrop for reasons that aren't backed nor are Massdrop's fault.