Fuck L4D on expert It's all about Easy

nah JK, I play on advanced.

Is it me, or is Death toll on expert impossible?

Expert ftw, plz few expert, then play easy, u get the feeling u can do it alone without help from others on easy lol

TANK!!!!!! lol


If you play on Expert, expect a lot of greifing and wasted attempts.

gotta try this stuff

me and my friends only play on expert, so...... we've only passed the subway since monday night.....it's awesome.

i'm waiting for my cousin and irl friends to get this damn game.. playing the demo on expert was just about impossible for us lol. we always get to the end with barely any health left and final rush of zombies= fail

In the demo everyone was like "Bah expert is too easy" but now.. I play on Advanced. Last part of No Mercy was quite annoying on expert.

btw, The airport was frecking [b]awesome[/b]!

Meh I remember playing the demo on expert... Ain't shit easy about it. Those fucking tanks NEVER DIE

I was playing some Versus with Skump and I managed to get through the sewers and up on the streets. With my team mates dead, I rack my Automatic Shotgun with 7 rounds in the barrel, 1 chambered. I walk towards the emergency room, but what's this? A hunter. I focus all my attention on the hunter and I wait for its pounce. With the stock of my gun, hit the super infected in the face, rendering him dazed. I then proceeded to empty off 3 rounds into the damn thing; the shells flaming on the ground as I walk away.

With the ER in my sights, I limp off with my 34 HP... the longest walk of my life. Suddenly, without a second to spare, I spot a smoker on top of a roof. I aim my sights onto the blasted thing, but the smoker then summoned a horde of infected. My story ends here...

^ Virtual Mogadishu Mile attempt?

loooooooooooooool gg frank, going through the sewers was gay. i saw a witch and got owned :/

lolol evga making a 4870.. i'd sadly be first in line for that.

wat? evga? 4870?

I think playing it through on expert in single player is easier than multiplayer. Apparently the AIs react much faster and are more aware than we. Lol.

I beat mercy west on adv. ill try it on expert for an achievement :)

i need to buy this GAME!!! its $40 at circuit city this week i NEED IT! im tired of the demo i want MOAR!!!!

Circuit City could use your money, Sargent. You're doing the right thing.

same, circuit city is going out of bussiness lol........