Fuck GreenSLi 900, Im going sleeeeeek

Okaaaaay, so for the last couple of weeks my antec 900 have been in the garage, and I havn't cared to paint it yet. And i figured I need a new case now that I have sent my 780i for RMA.. So I just ordered a Antec P183. Going for the sleeeeeeeeeekness this time. Will fit so perfect to my soon to be new desk and tv table.

I'll take lots of pics when I get it.

Oh and if the store I rma'ed it at is in very good mood I'll get a nice DFI lanparty P45n board instead of another 780i.. :]

i actually like that case a lot more than the 900. def put some pics up when your done with it all.

Neat looking case. Good choice broseph.

Cool, get some pics up when you're done

$25 says it'll look bad.

i like the way that case looks a little more than the 900.

"invent" your own trolling. Just using what other people say on 4chan doesn't make it fun. I've read the same thing 10 times today.

$25.50 says it will look shitty. :)

Are you going to mod the p183 as well?

Nope. Atleast not to begin with

Great choice, hope it'll work out fine!

If it doesn't look at least like this then you fail:

Why can't we delete our own double post? what is this bullshyt?

Making a window for it will ruin the 3layer door, and not block the noise its supposed to block.
And if I wanted a windows again, id just stick to my 900. The sleeeeekness of this case will go perfect with my new desk :]

wow cool case!

i agree, being a relativity quiet case is one of its strong point. it doesn't make any sense to destroy that so you can watch the inside of it collect dust.


well some good case management nice

Wow looking at that case again i want it so bad!