FTP server for noobs

I've got an old dual pentium 3 1ghz, 2GB 133MHz SDRAM machine that needs restoring.

It's got 3-4 terabytes worth of music, movies, family photos and misc stuff. At the moment it's lying dormant with windows home server 2007 on a corrupted OS hard drive. It's filled with shadow copies but it's already backed up.

I need a good OS to hold a FTP server, and something easy to use as a backup server too for my dad's PCs, or maybe backup via internet.

I have no knowledge of networking. An easy to follow tutorial would be very helpful.

I was thinking of running linux on it. Any good distros that won't give me PAE errors or other difficulties? I am using Linux Mint on my laptop and loving it but I need a version for this old non PAE pentium 3.

I don't want to go back to windows server, even though it was comfortable to use, I think linux would suit it better and gives me the option to run a FTP server. 


For something so old, I'd take a look at NAS4Free.

It is very light on system resources and can run on just about anything. Its comparable to a cut down version of FreeNAS (but without ZFS). A feature you may like is that it can do DAAP as a music server.

The main selling point of this, is that it is much easier to get up and running than custom building with other OS's as all the features are pre-installed (you just to need to activate them).

Like I said I am already sort of familiar with command line, not so much with linux in general (the filesystem structure). But I'm learning.

I need it to set up a FTP server.

NAS4Free is web GUI based. With the embedded image you never need to touch the terminal.

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