FTP: Mapping a network drive

Hi guys I've been lurking here for quite some time and now I finally have a question.

I have been working on a FreeNAS machine for my workplace. I have all of the hardware in line and it has been fully functional for the past few months (thanks Logan and Wendell for giving me the idea.) But now my employer wants to be able to access his quick book files from his home. I am new to FTP and SSH sharing. I have everything set up and ready to begin the share but I am stuck and would like some assistance. 

1.  I know I need to forward some ports and possibly acquire a new DNS to facilitate the sharing. (I know this is not the correct forum for this but any help on forwarding the ports and establishing the FTP share would be great)

2. What software do I need to install on his home computer to map the FTP share as a drive on his machine so that he can direct quickbooks to pull from the correct place.

(Sorry if my terminolagy and phrasing is a bit off, I have been servicing computers since I was old enough to know how to pull a hard drive out but I am just starting to venture off into networking and the like so excuse the wording.)

Any help would be very much appreciated. 


To be able to receive FTP requests from outside your local network you simply have to specify the protocol(TCP in your case), port(21 for FTP by default) and the local ip address of your ftp server in the port forwarding tab in your router. Same goes for SSH, except it uses port 22 by default.

Assuming he's using Windows. Windows XP and newer have this feature already built in, mapping a network drive, it works with ftp, samba and presumably other protocols as well. If he wants to connect via SSH on Windows then get Putty.