FTL or Half Life: The $10 Steam Decision

Pretty straight forward, I've been eyeing these two games on Steam and can't decide on which one I should buy. I haven't played Half Life in my life (eviscerate me now...) and I want to get into it, but Faster Than Light seems like a pretty badass game to spend my time and money on.



no brainer, half life

I love half-life, but I think FTL is loads of fun and has really good replay value.

Tbh, I'd say FTL!


FTL without a shadow of a doubt. Reminds me of Buck Rogers countdown to doomsday. They just need to flesh it out a little bit more and it could be epic.



If it were Half Life 2, then absolutely yes because you could also play the Black Mesa mod. Since it's not, FTL is the better choice in my opinion

Dunno, i say Half Life because Valve <3

Never played FTL....might be good :)

id say half life, both are brilliant yes, but half life is such a good story, brilliant gameplay also, originals are epic and so is part 2,, tbh, get the original half life, then go get black mesa source, play em both, there both different :P 

Leaning more towards FTL. I'll buy this one first. It's not like I'll never get the chance to play HL again. Thanks for the valued opinions!

This page will cause quite the controversy, I dont own Half Life through steam but I played it elsewhere, I would say if you enjoy roguelikes get FTL, but remember it is constantly on sale and you could get both of them easily for under 10 dollars during the summer sale.

FTL is on sale ($3.99) for the next 17 hours. Get it if you haven't, it's an awesome game.