FTL: Advanced Edition is out!

As sad as I am that the FTL Lego set was declined by CUUSOO, I can rest easy again now that FTL: Advanced Edition is finally out.

The update brings in new ships, new drones, new abilities, a new sector, new events, new music, and a new alien race. If you already own the game on Steam, the update is waiting for you.

Also being released is the iPad version of the game, which is the Advanced Edition.


So fire up the thrusters and prepare for battle as the federation needs your help again!


Edit: New music for name-your-own-price


Yep.  Saw that today when I logged onto Steam.  I feel another trip down the FTL rabbit hole coming in my near future.  God help me.

As someone who has over a hundred hours and all ship unlocked. I'm loving the game even more.

A new Ship and a third type ship for all the ones you already have!!!

Play more FTL? Hell yeah.

Here goes my social life again... :(

Not only that but Ben Prunty, the guy who did the soundtrack, also put the new game music for name-your-own-price on Bandcamp. Link in the first post

is it just me or did normal difficulty get really hard. and then the new added "hard" is literally impossible

Not sure. I was able to get through almost half of it on hard difficulty avoiding death twice until I was utterly wrecked because they hacked my weapons  ><

Anyone beat hard mode yet?

I've seen a few people tie with the boss (both die, still counts as a win) I'm able to beat it on normal if I pick a good ship. Right now I've been trying to get type C ship. I'll be trying Hard later

Found myself strangely addicted to this game when I first installed it. This is a great excuse to go waste several more hours on it. :)