FTC Press Conference on Settlement With Google / YouTube

could explain the recent changes to their policy

This video makes a good breakdown of the history of the act

In depth explanation

Youtuber reactions

What you can do to be the solution

  1. Fill out a public comment by December 9th on the FTC website
  2. Sign the petition to

Oh rip the internet.

The new COPPA Act is very vague and covers many video topics that both adults and kids enjoy. This updated act holds the Content Creators responsible for making videos that ‘target kids’.

Chadtronic makes a good point at 17:48

if this passes in the way it is there’ll be way less incentive for people to make child oriented content online. People won’t comply to Coppa. They’re just going to switch to making more mature content that’s what a majority of people are going to do and that’s not good because kids aren’t going away. They’re gonna keep crawling onto the website and in a few years time the majority of content online is going to be not made with them in mind. What they might end up watching might not be appropriate for them because ultimately the internet exists and the kids are gonna keep coming on to it. That’s just what we need to get across this is not good for content creators. This is not good for kids who want to watch kid oriented content this is just ultimately gonna make it disappear

Instead of protecting children, it will only make it worse as children will be exposed to more mature content.

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Youtube is already shit.

Now lets add stuff to make it worse!

Yeeeaaa I have a feeling stuff like YT and twitch are going to fall apart when their users realize other sites are better. Twitch is already on the downfall with ninja and a couple other BIG names ditching twitch for better pastures.

It ain’t long now folks. Who wants popcorn?

I think two paths can happen

  1. This sets a precedence and the FTC goes after other big sites and users
  2. This burns youtube into the ground, and a new better platform with a better monetization method rises from the ashes

The scary thing is how vague it is, if the FTC goes after channels that are obviously exploiting children (how to get x for free, toy channels) it is less of an issue. The same people in government who struggled understanding how google tracks users are the same people reviewing all channels and will be dishing out fines. It seems to be a shoot first ask questions later.

On a different note, this sums up the current state of the internet

One, it’s BitTorrent based, and two, there is almost no high resolution video support for the actual serving webpage.

what ever happened to Dtube? did the crypto aspect of it scare people away? havent checked in a long time.

Honestly the only tolerable platform if you pay $300/year is Vimeo Pro. They only Content ID commercial music (like RIAA music) and don’t do the extra stuff, but you have to keep in mind to keep within the bounds of fair use.

They also have human support at the Pro tier.

I meant like vimeo :confused:

I don’t trust Mixer. Too much data harvesting by Microsoft.

I mean, its a tv station basically.

I don’t see whats so scary about mixer vs hitbox vs twitch being as they all do the same shit.

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Do you really think vimeo is a better video platform for the average user? People are simple and greedy … As long as some people can do the business of placing video on youtube, so youtube will dominate in terms of the creators and people who watch it.

VS YT? Hell yeah they actually communicate with their users

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Then go tell everyone who has money from youtube to change the platform. Good luck!