Fsync patch for Linux 5.10?

for the past year or so i have been making my own kernels with Valve’s futex_wait_multiple (aka “fsync”) patch.
this patch makes significant performance improvements in the use of Valve’s project Proton.
however i cannot seem to find a patch that is compatible with Linux 5.10.

is there a way to enable valves fsync patch on Linux 5.10? or am i stuck using an old kernel until futex2 gets implemented.

i am not looking for a completed kernel with fsync already in it, only a patch file that enables it. there are quirks to my system which rule-out using a prebuilt kernel.

this is the patch file i have been using since 5.2 and it still works up to and including 5.7.
futex-wait-multiple-5.2.1.patch (11.2 KB)

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Its easier to just install xanmod kernel imo. Has quite a few little tweaks and improvements. (note recent versions require updating via terminal/tty as update apps like pamac etc don’t allow gui).

I do not know for sure if there is a version for Ubuntu but I would imagine so.

PS. Be warned of using futex2 patches, they are in development and have problems!

i dont want futex2, i just want the old futex_wait_multiple.

a premade kernel won’t work, there are factors to my setup that require i build my own with unrelated hardware quirk workarounds.

Do you have some with/without performance numbers to help call attention to this? I added it to my list of stuff to poke at, but haven’t gotten to it yet.

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i do not. but i can use my current 5.7 setup and simply use Proton’s disable fsync argument to get some results. itll be a few days before i have time to do this though.

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xanmod is not premade on ARCH. During the install process it will even pop up with the terminal configuration window for custom adjustments.