FSX I need help please

Hi. I just built my first pc last night.  I just installed  windows 7 pro and all the drivers for the motherboard and graphics card etc. and I started to play my first game on the new pc. I got the FSX gold edition with the accelartion pack. So I installed it all. I started playing, 5 mins in freeze, (whole pc freezes) then I try again and it goes for about 10 min and I repeat this process while changing the graphics settings and what not, but nothing helps. I then uninstall the acceleration pack. Then I played for about 30 min and then freeze. Then I shut it down, but then windows had to update like 100 things before shut down, so I just fell asleep and let it do its thing. When I woke up and turned the pc back on it said configuring windows update 0% for about 5 mins, then it said something like unable to perform updates...  I said whatever and started it up like normal. Then I just played FSX for about an hour and a half and it just froze again, this time with vertical strips down the screen. The sound was still playing. I hit the power button on the pc, the sound stopped, the vertical strips are still on the screen, and the pc is still on as I'm typing this.. I guess I should reset it and try to install those windows updates again. Does anybody have any other suggestions that may help me with my issue.


PS I have also not been able to acces the bios. I think this is due in part to my wireless keyboard and mouse. Any ideas?

My PC Specs:

AMD FX 6300

Asus m5a99x evo 2.0

Sapphire radeon HD 7870 ghz

1tb 7200 rpm hard drive

samsung dvd drive

500w 80+ psu

Xigmatek dark knight cpu cooler