[FS] Sleeping Dogs and Hitman: Absolution codes

Got these games with my 7950, but I don't really need them because of all the other games I'm playing right now. I'd like to trade through paypal, and I'd want to get around $20 for sleeping dogs and $30 for hitman, but I am a little flexible on the prices.

would you be willing to do a game trade? or just cash?

I'd prefer cash since I dont really need more games at the moment.

hmm okay, i only asked because i don't want to be scammed...how would we go about doing this? for hitman by the way.


I have a pretty good way of doing it which I've done with another member on the forums, and it went really well. Add me on steam and we can talk more on there, my steam name is teripper.

Ive sent you an invite, (RetroLYNX)