FS: Personal Gaming/Editing PC

This is PC that I put together over the last 4-5 months for gaming and post-processing digital photography. However, due to some recent medical procedures, I need to part from this PC in order to pay some bills (fml medical bills are so expensive). I'm looking for someone to enjoy this PC as much as I have, and hopefully a local buyer (I live in southern california in Santa Barbara). I would rather not put it in the hands of UPS to take care of my baby.

Full list of parts can be found here.

All the parts were bought brand new from newegg or amazon.

I am looking for about $1200 for everything listed here including the OS (Windows 8 with valid Serial Key).

For anyone asking about why I chose the parts. This isn't an EXTREME GAMING PC by any means. I put a lot of thought into designing a well balanced rig with some high quality components, keeping in mind of solid construction, good thermals and noise levels. I fitted the Fractal Design R4 case with all Corsair AF 120 & 140 Quiet Edition and PWM fans. Setting the fan controller at 5V and this baby doesn't make a sound. The Intel Core i7-2600 with a basic Corsair H50 water cooling was a good balance since I was using dedicated graphics and overclocking with consideration of noise and longevity wasn't within my budget.

The boot drive are 2 PNY XLR8 240GB SSD's running in RAID0. Keeping longevity in mind in a RAID0 array, I chose 2 sandforce based drives since they allocate more spare area for indexing and data redundancy. I maintained all my data on 2 WD Caviar Black's 2TB in a RAID1 for safety.

But yea, here are some pics. I took these pics right after building it. Some of the components in the pictures were replaced or upgraded since.





Are you willing to part it out?

I'm open to selling the parts.

What happend since you need to pay that exspensive medical bills?

How much would you sell the case for?

I would be interested in the SSD's