FS: gaming pc

this gaming pc i built for vaycation and stuff, but really havnt used it outside of that. runs games at like 30 fps on medium setting and low settings you get much higher. it has room for a cheep but nice upgrade of a entry level amd card that asists the APU and makes them both into a medium level gpu type thing. i have a regular msi m-atx mobo on this, a 350w psu, 320g hdd ( can be upgraded with a 1.5tb if needed since i have a spare ) and 8gb 1600 ram. when i built all of this it came to $450 so just keep that in mind, i built it in the summer


RAM: pny 8gb (2x4gb) 1600

mobo: fm1 A55 hudson D2 m-atx uefi bios and a pci express 2.0 x16 and some other random pci slots

case: rosewill ranger DUAL FANS m-atx case

psu: ANTEC earthwatts green 380w continuous psu 80+ BRONZE certifies active pfc psu

cpu: AMD A8-3850

hdd: 320 gig ( but i can put my 1.5 tb i have in it )


this dosnt include shipping since it can vary so much. im in ohio so take it from there.

operating system: i can really install any version of windows... atm is has windows 8 thing on it

it will come with a mouse and keyboard if you want them for like $5 or somthing, just logitech stuff ive had lying around...



450 without the HDD upgrade