FS: evga x58 motherboard, ram , and heat sinks

I have 2 evga x58 classified sli motherboards, 12gb of ram (6x 2gb dimms), 2 coolermaster socket 1366 coolers and 2gb of ddr3 memory (the corsair memory in the plastic case).
Im unsure on what I want for the stuff, so feel free to shoot me a PM with a offer.

You need to have your username and date on all pictures posted.


Link to rules:

If I'm reading it correctly, I need a picture of all of the stuff with my name date and site name on it. Not that I need that in every picture.

It's all good. As long as your username is with everything you're selling so that we know you're not lying.

As i thought. Thank you.


United states. lower 48. But im willing to work with you if you are some where else.