Did anything ever come to light about the FrozenCPU fiasco? I can only find articles about the initial issues, never a resolution or further explanation.

Either way, it seems like it was or is a shady operation, and I'm not sure I want to order parts from there. Any good alternatives?

is a good option

Site down until further notice
July 13, 2015 is taking phone orders between 11am threw 6pm EST. We apologize for this inconvenience. - Mark Friga Jr.

Looks like things are slowly coming back together by the hand of his son.

@weare138 oh yeah. I kind of forgot about them. They need to work on their SEO. I didn't see them on a Google search.

@SoulFallen Thanks. Where did you find that?

It's on the FrozenCPU website at the bottom.

Ohhhh... the bottom! I would never have thought to check there... derp.