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Frostbite vs unreal graphics engine?

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  • Unreal

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So guys whats your favorite graphics engine and why? Both unreal and frost bite seem to have an unreal amount of fidelity to performance ratio so i haven’t voted until i see what you guys have to say.

From an end user perspective it’s not about the engine, it’s about what the developers do with them. There is really no point in comparing them as a user since we don’t know the toolchain behind the engine and what is actually possible with it, all we see is the graphics.

That being said, if I had to choose, I’d choose UE just because it’s open for anyone to use and Frostbite is EA exclusive.

On a side-note: even though Unity is often regarded as the “browsergame and mum-game engine” it can actually do impressive things, it’s just often not used for them, UE taking its place there.


Unity has definitely come a long way and now treats non-MS Windows systems as first class citizens.

I am really hoping that Godot gets some mainstream game love on the new consoles since you can now export to Xbox One and PS4.