Front side poops

I have a question for you all, and im pretty sure this can be done, but i dont want to buy something and then have it not work. ok, im thinking, instead of making a totally new computer, i might just upgrade some stuff in the one i have now. I know my mobo can support all conroe 6x00 processors, and i was thinking of upgrading to the e6850. now, my mobo's front side bus is only 1066, and the processors fsb is 1333. the processor will still work with the motherboard though, right? thanks for any helpz!

Tell the truth i'm not sure, but if it does work, it will prolly underclock your FSB to 1066

it will by default underclock it, you need to find one with 1066 or 800 by defaut to make it easier since u probably dont want to overclock. like the Q6600 for example is 1066 and most C2D are 800mhz

but it would still work right? it would just be a little slower than it could have been? cause right now this is the fastes processor my mobo supports ;)

yeah it would still work, but i believe underclocking is kinda has the same effect of overclocking (i'm not positive on this, if anyone could shine some light on this)

evo spec, it doesnt, but george, theres no point in buying it, if underclocked then it will have the same performance as your current processor. besides most people dont notice much difference anyway. i upgraded from 1 core at 2.0 to 4 at 2.4 and hardly noticed any difference, its the rama nd gpu that make the difference in most cases.

Well the difference between them would only be noticed in what you do. See lets say you have 4 GB's of RAM and a 4870? but you had a single intel core at 2.0 GHz oh cool look at all that ram and video memory. lets encode and decode a movie and burn it to a DVD... WHAT?! O_O completion time is 2hr and 30 minutes?!?! how could this happen. ok well lets try a 4 core at 2.4GHz and see what happens... to the same movie. O_o what Completion time is 1hr and 30 minutes.?! When playing games you won't notice a difference that much, nor will you when you do web browsing. But if you use CAD or Movie editing and burning software like Nero or etc you will notice a huge decrease in wait times. This goes to say that you already have a SATA hard drive. a IDE will not give you much of a difference because the seek times are much slower than most sata's.

i didnt mean for heavy usage, for every day tasks then you will seriously hardly notice a difference if at all, and in game its a no brainer since its so gpu dependant the cpu hardly comes into play as a factor unless ur running a P4 or a celeron etc.

(or 3800+ and below etc.)

yeah i know bro, i was just letting everyone know so they could decide whats best for them ^^b you know? contrast compare BABY!~