Front End Web Frameworks

I've been looking into a lot of front end web frameworks recently, as the websites that I tend to develop tend to be a lot more front end complex than backend. I love how many tools that are out there now, from SASS to HTML5BP, but I was wondering, what other tools are there, and what frameworks do you guys like to use?

I mean these tools/frameworks can be as little as a grid perfection system to some JS/jQuery library/plug in. So yeah, spread your wisdom!

Well, I guess Bootstrap and Foundation are rather obvious.
They both have their pros and cons (has been a while since I used either), but in the end it comes down to preference and the project.

As for Javascript I try to use as little as possible, most simple stuff is done very easily via VanillaJS (awesome framework!). If it gets more complex, well, I guess jQuery is a thing.

As for development itself I like autoprefixer for grunt (or gulp, whatever your preference is). I liked SASS more then LESS last time I tried it, though I think LESS is at least on par by now. SASS has Compass, not sure if LESS has anything like it. Both Bootstrap and Foundation come with a SASS version so it's easy to build your own version of them.

For me for any (especially CSS) framework is that they are customizable and not just thrown in as is, where you have to overwrite every single style. Another thing why SASS and LESS versions are awesome.

You may also look into Yeoman, though I haven't used it myself yet it's fairly often mentioned to be quite nice.

Chris Coyier's Grunt Boilerplate may also help you a little. I've used an older version of his and it helped me out a lot when I set up my first Grunt install.

You might want to update the packages after you installed that boilerplate though, the versions are rather old by now :slight_smile:

I also forgot livereload (thought that was in the boilerplate), and I think you need the watch task for that, but as I read is has been integrated into the watch task now.

As a SASS framework I would recommend Bourbon (as the primary framework) and Neat (for the grid).